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StartupCamp 8 swept through ITEXPO (News - Alert) like a tornado full of sharks, leaving one company standing. The winner of StartupCamp 8 found itself in Wonderland, as ALICE took the day.

...Finally, ALICE Receptionist gave a pitch, apparently saving the best for last. ALICE enables businesses to present live customer service agents on any number of kiosks, and other digital signage devices, enabling two-way and one-way video interaction with customers and employees.

Living Next Door To ALICE

For corporate communications environments, reception signage has long been a basic starting point of any sales spiel. Most of “at reception” use-cases however are typically passive in nature, where signage does not offer much benefit beyond enhanced branding and one-way communication.

Last year, we mentioned a virtual receptionist service that can help save businesses money. By replacing the front-desk greeter with the ALICE (A Live Interactive Customer Experience) virtual receptionist, businesses can save on annual salaries and benefits for a live person without sacrificing customer service.


WinTech, LLC – Mike Yoder Interview

ALICE Receptionist was developed because we saw a common business need that wasn’t being met. Increasing numbers of companies are choosing not to hire a $30k+ a year receptionist to sit in a front lobby and greet people. As a result their office lobbies have become unwelcoming and give an appearance of unprofessionalism that doesn’t reflect well on the organization.


Top Companies of the Month

Alice is an elegant new way to manage your office lobby, building, desk, or foyer area without the costs associated with full time receptionist(s), security personnel, or the impersonal offshore call centers. ALICE is like no other Virtual Reception solution. Not only to ALICE great your guests for you, ALICE also notifies your employees of the guests arrival and then connects the visitor and employee together by video and/or phone so they can speak. ALICE comes in a number of technology configurations (hardware/software) to fit into any office or building environment.

If there is one thing CTO Mike Yoder learned from exhibiting at this year’s SXSW Interactive Trade Show, it would be that companies large and small are looking for new ways to use technology. They want to innovate inside their company walls without losing the personal touch of customer service. With one look at ALICE Receptionist, these innovation seekers were pleased to see the future of their front desk or lobby.

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This Wednesday, Las Vegas startup WinTech announced $1.7 million in funding for its first product, the ALICE virtual receptionist.

ALICE, which stands for “a live, interactive customer experience,” is a flatscreen computer on a desktop, wall, or kiosk that goes in your business’s lobby. When someone walks in, ALICE detects motion and automatically plays a welcome message, prompting you to choose which employee you’re meeting with. Alternatively, ALICE can automatically connect to an employee (like a live receptionist) and start a video chat, so the guest is greeted by a real person.


Vegas startup secures funding for virtual receptionist tech

WinTech LLC, the creators of virtual ALICE Receptionist technology, today announced that it raised more than $1.7 million in private funding. The company said it intends to use the funds to scale distribution, expand sales efforts, launch the ALICE Cloud Service at the South by Southwest tech conference in early March and to begin expansion into global markets.


ALICE Virtual Receptionist

With ALICE you now no more need a full time receptionist in your lobby or building to greet the guests. Alice which stands for A Live Interactive Customer Experience is an innovative virtual receptionist service launched by WinTech a Las Vegas based Technology Company.

VegasTech Interview with WinTech CTO - Mike Yoder

Anyone who has been involved in the VegasTech scene for more than 10 minutes knows Mike Yoder. He’s involved with everything from TBAN to SxVegas. Recently I sat down with him to chat about ALICE, his amazing automated receptionist company.

ALICE Video Receptionist Boosts Customer Service

No matter what industry you are in, customer service should always be a top priority. In 2011, a reported 89 percent of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience. Customer service software provider Parature estimates that poor customer experiences result in an estimated $83 billion losses by US enterprises each year.


Some Start-ups Forgo Receptionists

Many start-ups are deciding it’s not smart business to station a friendly employee in the lobby to greet visitors.

Every once in a while, new tech innovations come along that set the bar a little higher. Maybe they introduce a powerful, new design or capabilities you've never seen before. Or maybe they simply make your life easier. Click on to discover a slew of new technologies that do all of the above--and more. Then watch for them to come to market later this year.


Meet ALICE, the Virtual Receptionist

Meet ALICE, the last receptionist you'll ever hire, or so the young technology company hopes. ALICE, an acronym for A Live Interactive Customer Experience, acts as a virtual receptionist that enables customers to press buttons on a flat video screen to make visual contact with a company employee.

LAS VEGAS—Have you ever heard of Alice? No, not the 1970s sitcom. The virtual receptionist technology from WinTech …

ALICE is a virtual receptionist system. ALICE stands for ‘A Live Interactive Customer Experience. Mike Yoder, Chief Technology Officer at WinTech, explains how it works:

“ALICE Receptionist is an exciting new way for businesses to manage their office lobbies,” Yoder says. “ALICE uses motion detection technology to greet visitors as they enter a business building so visitors aren’t left to wonder. ALICE then notifies employees of the visitor’s arrival and facilities two-way video or audio communication between the visitor and the employee sitting at his or her desk.”

LAS VEGAS—Go ask ALICE. OK, we’re not talking about a fictional character that talks to a Cheshire cat. We’re talking about an innovative virtual receptionist service that is making waves in the office industry.

WinTech just launched a contest called “Who’s Alice?” The online contest for small business owners promises to deliver the winner a front desk makeover that features the new ALICE receptionist system.

Business goes virtual for client greetings

On a slow day at Nevada Dental Benefits' office on Sahara Avenue near Buffalo Drive, only three customers pass through the dental plan provider's doors. A busy day is not much busier.

Fred Horowitz, the company's president, decided there was no need for a dedicated receptionist to greet so few visitors. After seeing a virtual receptionist product in another city, Horowitz began researching local options.

Some offices and businesses no longer have a receptionist at the front desk to greet customers. They have a computer screen with pre-recorded messages or touch screen capabilities with directories. One Las Vegas company, WinTech LLC, created ALICE - A Live Interactive Customer Experience. Is it going to change the way we do business? Will this mean the end of the receptionist?

WinTech began developing the software for ALICE two years ago after Chief Technology Officer Mike Yoder noticed small businesses were cutting costs by sacking receptionists. Customers want to be greeted when they walk in the door, and so ALICE was born

Her name is Alice and she’s your new receptionist. She appears on a computer monitor in your lobby and visitors interact with her when they approach her. She is the future of lobby reception areas.

Alice stands for “A Live Interactive Customer Experience” and it stands poised to completely revolutionize the way visitors experience business lobbies. Not only can Alice fully interact with your visitors, it allows your receptionist to share the screen with your company directory, complete with pictures of all your personnel. The visitor need only touch the picture of the employee they wish to see and they’ll be in contact with that employee.


Meet the Video Virtual Receptionist

You’ve heard of virtual receptionists—people who answer the phone in your company name, take messages, and forward calls to whatever telephone you happen to be by at the time. But have you heard of video receptionists?

I hadn’t, until today.

So what in the world is a video receptionist? Simply stated, it’s a virtual receptionist system that performs the duties you would normally pay a full-time employee to do. But instead of taking calls, it greets visitors.